Whole Traffic

The Whole Traffic

(LP Fax+49-69/450464 )
Dr.Atmo, Pino & Wildjamin
Frankfurt 1994
1. 138 KMH 20.43
2. 110 KMH 21.01
3. 107 KMH 11.34
4. 72 KMH 9.12
5. 38?KMH 8.07

Starts out with some Persian poem, and occasional sort-of middle eastern percussion winds around a stomping 4/4 beat with a bassline that is taken over by various interesting melodies. 138 KMH is (surprise) at 138 bpm and so on. 138 KMH is excellent, with a little tinny break speeds by, simulating the cruising speed of the journey. 110 KMH is a little slower but not as interesting as the first, making it *way* too long. As things slow down it gets more interesting, as the pounding beat gives way to slower middle eastern percussion and some beautiful melodies. All in all, this is kind of strange, but a different sound and very interesting. Hard to classify.
(review by jonathan takagi)

taken from 2350.org/reviews - Whole Traffic