(LP Fax+49-69/450464 )
Pino & Wildjamin
Frankfurt 1995
*Biopace mit Christoph Groneberg

1. Space Solex 10.45
2. Electric Eyes 7.43
3. Rubicon 6.42
4. Biopace* 7.52
5. Marmus 9.10
6. Surrounded by Mystery 7.36
8. Harmonic Brak 8.32

The acid squiggles to be found on part 1 return but with some orchestral backing to the first track which works nicely. If you like the first release this one is not as strong but in general works as a chilled out dance cd. Unfortunately there isnt enough in the way of ideas and new sounds to make me want to listen to it on a regular basis.
(review by Rowland Atkinson)

taken from 2350.org/reviews - Xangadix 2